Priority Pathways

Priority Pathways

  • Job Support

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Join the Financial Services Industry

The Investment Banking Institute has developed a training solution to help Career Changers and Career Starters overcome the toughest hurdle – Getting your first job in Financial Services! In fact, Investment Banking Institute will assist you to get have your first Financial Services job!

Our solution is called Priority Pathways.

Designed to allow you to select the Pathway that best suits your individual training needs to get a Job.

Our Pathway Programs deliver the most advanced practical skills and knowledge required to secure a career in financial service industry covering

i)    Financial Planning,
ii)   Corporate Finance,
iii)  Investment Banking,
iv)  Venture Capital,

v)  Public Listings (ASX)


3 EASY STEPS TO A working in the Financial Services industry!

How does the assistance package work?

The Investment Banking Institute’s core business is training Financial Services professionals. Our extensive database of employers within the Financial Services industry that prefer our qualified students due to our practical value added training. Investment Banking Institute refers to these skills as EMPLOYER-PREFERRED SKILLS that include:

  • specific technical knowledge
  • advisory skills applicable to retail and corporate clients
  • practical ‘hands-on’ experience
  • ‘soft skills’ in dealing with colleagues and customers

Why Employers love working with Investment Banking Institute?

Employers can spend THOUSANDS of $$$$$ in recruitment fees charged by traditional recruitment firms on potential candidates only to find the new recruits are not capable of performing basic tasks that add value to their business immediately and thus need further training. Our work skills-based training programs provide employers with Candidates that are ‘work-place ready’ to add value to a business.