FNS60415 Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning


The completion of the Diploma of Financial Planning is a pre‐requisite for completion of the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning ‐ (DFP).

To obtain the ADFP, students must complete the four courses below and a skills assessment.

1. Taxation Planning (ADFS 1)
2. Estate Planning (ADFS 2)
3. Investment Planning (ADFS 3)
4. Advanced Financial Planning Advice (ADFS 4)



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Advanced Diploma Financial Planning


Advanced Diploma

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Diploma Financial Services

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By Multiple Choice Questions, Case Study, Role Play and summary

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Career outcomes

Deliver personal advise as:

Financial Planner, Insurance advisor, private banker,




Overview of taxation


Capital Gains tax

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Tax offsets and social security

Personal tax planning and administration of the tax system


Estate Planning in context

Wills, powers of attorney, guardianship

Ownership of assets and passing assets

Administration of an estate


Taxation of an estate

Capital gains tax

Business succession planning

Other estate planning issues

Investment PLANNING (Adfs 3)

Applying an understanding of risk to portfolio construction

Portfolio theory and measurement

Efficient market theory

Investment styles and strategies Research data and their application

International investment

Financial statements and disclosure

Advanced Financial planning advice (Adfs 4)

An introduction to statements of advice construction and review

The client relationship

Gathering data and identifying goals and objectives

Identifying financial issues

Preparing recommendations

Writing the statement advice

Statement of advice and implementing the plan

Reviewing and revising the plan



Successful completion of all three courses that comprise the Diploma of Finanical Planning provides you with tthe competency to provide personal and general advice as detailed in ASIC (Tier 1) RG146 in the specialist knowledge areas of:

Financial Planning

Risk Management (life insurance)


Managed Investments




The completion of the Diploma of Financial Planning is a pre-requisite for completion of the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.

To obtain the Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning students must complete the four courses below and a skills assessment.

  • Compliance & Taxation Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Advanced Financial Planning Advice



To complete the course successfully, the participant must satisfy the following assessment


Successful completion of SoA

Multiplechoice Questions

Short Answer Questions