Why Study via Distance?

Distance studying, Investment Banking Institute, is a more flexible and convenient way to learn. These days, you’re used to doing lots of things online such as Banking, shopping, socializing. So why not study online.

The resources for the following courses can be downloaded from your student portal,

  1. Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (FNS40215)
  2. Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS50615)
  3. Advance Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS60415)

So what are the advantages of studying via distance?

Distance learning is perfect for people who have lots of commitments and a very active lifestyle.

View Sample online study tip video.

When you study via distance, there are

  • no classrooms,
  • no timetables, and
  • no deadlines.

Studying via distance allows you to learn in any way you like – at home, at a café, even on the bus on the way to work. And with IBI you can enrol and start leaning any day of the year. It’s education to match your lifestyle. Our on line learning community myIBI – is your gateway to trainers, fellow students, and student support. It’s a customized learning portal accessible any time of the day, or night. You can view all of your leaning materials, and connect with other students in your course. Phone support is also available, so there’s always someone to talk to. Distance courses give you the same standard quality in recognition as if you were studying on campus.

IBI offers government accredited courses, and other nationally recognized qualifications, from short courses, through to Advanced Diplomas. Our courses are custom designed and taught by industry professionals who are experts in their fields, providing you with the most up to date and relevant content.

IBI also provides you the flexibility to attend classes during the day, evening and weekends (see our classroom schedule)

IBI Distance Study

IBI does not deliver training online in the strictest sense (see VET e-standards released in Jan 2013) as we only make available our learner resources and assessment booklets online so that they can be downloaded to your computer and submitted electronically by email when completed. 

IBI does not


  1. Track Students online logins
  2. Track Students assessments performed online
  3. Allow Students to learn and complete assessments online


IBI online access means there is no online tracking of student login data including date & time of login, duration, activities undertaken whilst online (ie. which documents were opened, downloaded or assessments undertaken and passed)

In summary, IBI does not deliver learning and assessment online IBI merely delivers the course materials (learner resources and assessment booklets and allow submission via email) online/download